We specialize in supporting manufacturing with technology

Press machines are machines to produce industrial products that are essential to our lives such as automobiles and home appliances.

We are a company that undertakes repairs, installations, relocations and overhaulsvarious industrial machinery (work to disassemble to the component level to restore the condition like the new product) single-handedly.

We can design and manufacture old parts evenwith no drawings, by ourselves.

Strength of COSMO (THAILAND) Co., Ltd.


We can repair not only press machines but also the whole line.

We differentiate ourselves from other repairers by repairing after identifying cause of failure or defect and creating & submitting a detailed report that includes 5W1H.


We are looking for positive and challenging personnel.

● People who like to work with machines and manufacturing
● People who want to master a lifetime skill.
● People who are interested in working in overseas

We are looking for experienced personnelas well.
Why notmake use of your experience and technical strength?